Thursday, August 31, 2017


Project 01 Small group discussion of ideas. Workday - prepare pre-production evaluation samples. Post what you have accomplished since last class to your blog.

Continue working on and refining your layouts. Prepare samples of full sized page spreads for the design of the book. Your samples must address the major themes of your design. Consider the tone of the block of text on the page. Is it too much or not enough contrast? Is it pleasant to read?

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Project 01, review project. Research and ideation workday. Individual critiques work in class, experiment with the development of a system for organizing the book. Discuss the integration of typographic and design systems and how to set up style sheets which reflect these systems. Demonstration of setting up a proportional system in InDesign. Post what you have accomplished since last class to your blog.

Post a response to the readings reflecting on what you have gained from them and how you are using the ideas they express to create a grid for your book.

Prepare a series of preliminary page spreads (margins, guides, and master pages) which explore the possibilities of the grid. Continue working on and refining your designs. Prepare at least 3 options for a text treatment/selection using 3 different typefaces.

Print these treatments out and trim to size for next class.
Post JPEGS of your initial ideas to your blog by next class.

Golden Section Page Set Up


Monday, August 28, 2017


I hope you enjoyed your summer and that you are looking forward to advanced typography this semester.

This blog will be used extensively to communicate vital information regarding this course and its projects. Check it often for updates and information. Resources for the course are located in the menu above, primarily the handouts page and bibliography. Links to all those enrolled in the class are (or will be shortly) located in the right column. I encourage you to review each others work and offer suggestions and critique.

Don't forget to check out the program blog to keep up with whats going on and learn of internship, competition and freelance opportunities. Drake Graphic Design

Introduction to Project 01, discuss book structure and systems for organizing the book.

Set up a blog and send link to john.
Select a text from Project Guttenburg.
Read pages 20 - 21, 30 - 52 from Book Design by Andrew Haslam and
pages 89 - 107 from The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst

Research appropriate typefaces for your text.
Begin to plan how you will organize the book.

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